Toronto Dance Team – Ram Dance Troupe

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    Toronto Dance Team – Ram Dance Troupe

    DMG Designz is a company that got recognized for our charity work and this is something that will never change, it makes us who we are. Over the years we have done all sorts of charity events, but the Ram Dancetroup has been the first dance team that we have gotten ready. The Ram Dance troupe is a dance team that was formed in the GTA on January 2012. They are a group of dancers that perform at multiple events around the GTA. We got involved with the Ram Dancetroup because they are very talented individuals and they created the team to perform at fund raiser events. This is exactly what they have achieved and they currently perform for all of the Ram Mandir’s Events. This team is striving to change the way Bollywood dance is here in Toronto, to create change and bring a more technique to this dance form.


    Here is a list of places they have performed at:

    • Holi Show @ Ram Mandir -March 2012
    • Mother’s Day Show @ Ram Mandir – May 2012
    • FAZE Summer Shine Event – June 2012
    • “Where Have You Been” Bollywood Musical – September 2012
    • Changing Seasons Gala – October 2012
    • Diwali Show @ Ram Mandir – November 2012
    • Show at Sagaan Banquet hall for the War Veterans – November 2012
    • Heart & Stroke Foundation Appreciation Banquet – January 2013
    • Holi Rangoli @ Ram Mandir- March 2013

    March 1, 2012 was our first encounter with the team; they where all very well behaved and polite. They gave us full direction on how to get them ready, they just explained the theme of their dance and we did the rest to bring their visions to life. On Sept 30 2012 we got to see firsthand how this dance team was different than the others, they did a movie on stage through dance, there was no acting it was all done through Bollywood songs and one western song with a narrator in-between. Their performance was called “Where Have You Been” a Bollywood musical on stage and it was a one night show. The objective of this show was to raise funds for the team so they could afford costumes, jewelry and accessories for their upcoming shows. There musical got a lot of people talking as it had to do with a girl struggling in a world with so much distractions and it teaches us that true friends can get though anything, and like any movie it had an amazing love story!! It also made us love theater again, In Toronto you don’t see a lot of culture in a professional theater but this event had dancing, acting and fashion it was a spectacular show. (We can go on and on with this event but we will save that for another blog post)

    As we all know hair and make-up completes any look, and that’s exactly what we did for the Ram Dancetroupe. Since our first encounter we have devoted ourselves to helping this dance group gain exposure, live out their dreams and keep culture alive. This slide show has looks that we created for this group over the year, Professional hair and make-up completes any look and we are very happy to be apart of such an awesome team.

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    Here is a sneak peek of what this team is capable of:

    A Slideshow of looks we have created for the team:

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    We would like to thank all the Members of the Group for having us involved with them : Kamiini Persaud, Nikita Ramdial, Meera Bissonauth, Vanisha Bissanauth, Clarissa Sooklal, Adam Surgrim, Andrew Mursingh, Sonia Rampersaud and Rachelle Rampersaud.

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