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    Tara Elizabeth – Model, Actress and Personality

    Doing fashion shows we are always told that models are very snobby and stuck up, but we beg to differ. Most of the models we have had the opportunity to work with have been very humble and sweet. Do not get me wrong but there are a couple of models we have had to put in their place because they do not understand the meaning of “fashion”. The modeling industry is the most competitive industry in the world because there are always new faces, and we live in a society that demands change. Fortunately there is one name that has been able to stay and grow stronger over the years, advancing her career, changing her look and personality; that person is the stunning Tara Elizabeth. DMG Designz has had the honor of working with her over 8 times in the last 4 years giving her a new and professional look with our hair and make-up services.  We all wonder what Tara’s ethnic background is when we work with her because every time we have had the opportunity to work with her she is completely transformers herself one day she looks Spanish, another German or Italian, then we has a Russian rude girl look, a west Indian look when she hold ups her Guyana flag and when Tara is put into Desi Attire she is transformed into a bombshell Bollywood actress!!!… What is Tara background you ask, well you will have to wait until our next blog to find out !!

    Working with Tara on multiple occasions is one of the benefits of our job, we get to work with beautiful people and create long lasting relationships. Since we met Tara at Naseem Wedding show in 2009 we built a friendship that can never be destroyed!! She is one of the funniest and most genuine people we have ever met. Every day is an adventure for Tara, she always has so many projects on the go, as she is more than just your average model, she also an actress and a very smart business women. Every time Tara calls us telling us with an opportunity, we are more than overwhelmed with excitement because we know that something magical is about to happen!!…

    Below are a list of events that we have worked with Tara on and a slideshow of pictures of looks we have created on her with our professional services over the years. On April 17th 2013 we had the honor of doing a high fashion shoot with Tara and make-up artist Pakeeza downtown Toronto the theme of it was high end fashion, and we had a venue to die for but you will just have to wait to see the images and read the blog… ;)!

    Photos from:

    1. Naseem Wedding show – 2010
    2. Amna Designz – April 2011
    3. I rock Pink – May 2011
    4. Titika grand opening of Don Mills Location – May 2011
    5. Dil Gala Fashion show with Paisley and Pearls – June 2011
    6. Make up shoot by Nilo Haq of iGlow Studio and Photographer Pablo B. – July 2011 (featured photo make up done by Nilo Haq)
    7. Jim Hagen Studios – Oct 2012
    8. High end fashion – April 2013 (Blog coming soon)


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    • Make up: Nilo Haq

    ** please note all hair was done by DMG Designz, On some of the events they had an outside make up artist (Adda Artisry, Paige, Kathleen, & Nilo Haq)

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