Nilufa Marries Achu

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    Living the dream, if someone would have told me 15 years ago that I would be doing what I love; I would have never believed them. I knew since a young age that I loved getting people ready, it was my passion it gave me a purpose in life. Lately I have been dealing with some clients who are not very friendly and like to belittle you because you are in this industry but it happens I just never thought this would feel like a job, but lately it has been due to some people’s attitudes. But at the end of the day I have grown to accept it, and realized why some of our competitors charge so much more than we do. But there are times when a client comes into your life and reminds you; of why you do, what you do.

    The beautiful pictures around this page are all from a bride we had the honor of getting ready, the beautiful Nilufa. On July 6, 2013 Nilufa married the love of life Achu and hired the DMG designz team to get her and her entire bridal party ready. The dressing for this group started at 4 am as there was 4 brides mates with the Red Carpet Package, 1 sister 1 mom and 1 grandmother with the Green Carpet Package and of course the beautiful bride with our 360 Hollywood Bridal Package. The venue for her wedding was a beautiful church downtown Toronto so they had to leave before 8 am before the city traffic started, of course everything ran smoothly and on time as we are very prompt with meeting time deadlines..

    Waking up at 4 am can be difficult, as artist we see it as our job to make all our clients feel comfortable and transform the dressing into a mini party in your home! It comes with the territory; a happy client is the best client. Everyone who was apart of Nilufa’s bridal party was amazing, such a polite and friendly group of people. Everyone was great and we got some really interesting conversations going. Being a glam team in Toronto this is what makes our job worth wild, the memories we share with our clients and its our duty to make our client’s look and feel their best and we do this by delivering the best hair and make-up possible. We do more than the hair and make up though, as we place all the jewelry, veils to make sure the bride is perfect and there are not malfunction later on in the day!! Nilufa&Atchu WD 101

    Finding a Professional make-up artist and hair stylist in Toronto can be difficult as there are so many different options. But choose someone you have chemistry with as your wedding day is very important and its good to have a strong relationship with your vendors. We pride ourselves on making our brides magazine ready as its our duty and something that we love to do. We want to make sure your wedding hair and make-up is exactly perfect so when you walk out, you have that “wow” factor. The normal everyday looks on brides are okay, but the looks we love to create are the timeless brides the ones with beautiful, one of a kind hair and make-up; the ones who know fashion and the ones who are current with styles. As you can see Nilufa is up to date with fashion as she choose a bridal hairstyle that was right out of celebrity bridal magazine, and as you can tell it has a lot of texture as that is what’s in this season, and her make up very clean and glowy making her a natural blushing bride.

    These are the messages I received from the bride after her wedding day:

    Nilufa&Atchu WD 062

    “Dear DMG Designz:

     You guys are THE MOST AMAZING HAIR & MAKE-UP TEAM EVER!!! Thank you so much for all the creative hard work that you guys did on my wedding day. I got so many compliments from everyone and I have never felt prettier and more sure of myself. You guys managed to catch the picture in my head and literally transform me into it.

     My bridal party looked amazing! And my mom looked so beautiful and it has been a long while since she sat back and got her hair and make-up done. Her hairstyle was gorgeous!

     All of your positive energy and happiness clearly shows in what you guys do. You guys somehow managed to wake everyone up and make everyone laugh and enjoy themselves.

     Thank you, thank you and thank you! I don’t know how many ‘thank yous’ it would take for me to truly show my appreciation. You guys made me look like a princess and now my husband could not take his eyes off of me the whole day.

     Once I get the professional pictures, I will definitely send them to you.

     Thank you again for all of your beautiful work on us.

     Extremely grateful,


    After when she received her pictures she sent us this message:

    Bride wedding Nilufa&Atchu WD 028

    “You guys did a fabulous job and I cannot believe how you managed to make my bridesmaids look the same but have their own individuality somehow, miraculously, intertwined into their looks.  I love you guys and trust me when I say this, I’m forever going to be loyal, forever kind of fan of yours and will not trust my looks with anyone but you guys.” – Nilufa

    We want to thank you Nilufa for all your kind words and we are honored to be a part of your big day !!…

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