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    Model Competition

    Model Contest

    A lot of people seemed confused as to what is expected of them to enter our competition and win $500. This competition is very simple; we are looking to create a new trend in the world. One that uses real women instead of media created objects; we want to show that anyone can be a model. WE are doing this competition to give any girl the opportunity to live out her dreams. Anyone between the ages of 12-75 can apply for this competition and there are no photo used for the judging it is all based on words. The way you prove to us that you are serious about modeling is by raising your entry fee (you can even get a company to sponsor you and they will receive marketing through you in return) and by choosing a small scale charity (one that does not have a lot of marketing helping their organization). The reason we want a small charity is we believe that smaller organizations do more with the money, and you can see the difference you are making by helping them. In this competition we are also trying to bring communities together, everyone talks about how social media is tearing people apart we want to counteract this by getting each of our contestants to network with different people and organizations to get their dreams noticed, and for those people they recruit to help them reach their goal of winning the competition. Anyone is capable of winning this contest; all you have to do is get the most likes on your picture. The way to get likes is to build a solid team; the way to build a solid team is to get as many people as you can to notice what you are trying to do. Now all you have to do to enter is send us your charity of choice and then on March 25 an application form will be sent out to you. When we receive your completed application form and your registration fee, you will receive the competition question. Now this question can be answered with the help of anyone, its up to you to put your best foot forward and we don’t stop you from asking friend, or family. Again we want to connect people together, help a small organization and help girls live a life dream!!.

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