With there being so many different bridal hair and make-up companies, it must get overwhelming. DMG has over 10 years of experience and our artist have worked with over 25 other companies in our industry, we have seen and dealt with a lot. of situations  People think our job is only hair and make-up but we are more than that, we are your guardian angles the morning of your wedding doing what ever we can to make sure everything runs smoothly. Weddings are our passion, we chose it over high fashion because of the connection we get with our brides.

    Below are promises we make to you when you book with us, its our Guarantee to our clients !

    We call ourselves the hidden Gems, because we do not market ourselves everywhere but everyone has heard of our company. We believe in letting our work speak for itself.

    What we Guarantee:

    1. Make you magazine ready, meaning we make sure you look like you walked off a runway in Paris, we do this by the look we give you based on your jewellery, clothing, and shoes.
    2. We work with your vision and make sure you are completely thrilled with the final outcome.
    3. We follow you to the wash room or mirror to witness your face when you see what we have done
    4. We do not overbook; we have a record of always being 15 min early for all of our appointments, the only thing we can not control is traffic.
    5. We create a mini pre-party while we get you ready, talking, gossiping and keeping your spirits high so can have an amazing day.
    6.  We work as your personal therapist, trainer, motivational speaker as we have witnessed first hand that events can be stressful and it’s so refreshing to have a shoulder to lean on.
    7. We would hope to leave you very happy with your look and ready to take on your day.

     Please note the only thing we can not control is the environment, we try our best to make sure you are set for your day ahead..