Changing your look in 2 minutes… Lip Edition

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    Changing your look in 2 minutes… Lip Edition

    Are you the girl who is always busy, or on the run but you would love to change your look but think you don’t have enough time? Well I got the solution for you!!

    What if I told you that there is something you can do in 2 minutes that will have you looking different and give you more va va voom, well the answer is simple all you need to do is change your lip color. There are so many different colors out there and many that will fit your skin tone perfectly.

    There are many colors out there to choose from, and take advantage of it. The color that is in fashion right now is the sexy “Red Lips”. A lot of people get afraid when they hear red lips, they think it doesn’t suit them or its too old fashion but this is a myth. There are over 100 different types of red on the market, its just the matter of making sure you wear the one that suits you the best!!.. The reason I say to do the red lip is because it can change your overall look in 2 minutes flat. Lets say you do your make up in the morning, and you have a dinner date right after work, during the day you wouldn’t want to wear such a bold lip you should stick to natural browns and pinks, but in the evening you want to pump up your look and this is when you would apply your red lip. This will make your makeup look completely different even though its the same, just the simple change of the red lip will give you enough to have all eyes on you.

    When applying your lips stick make sure you use a lip primer and a lip liner, this will keep you lips intact for more of the day, and have it staying on your lip and not on anything you eat… The last thing you want is to leave a kiss stain on someone!!…

    So the trick is to change your lip color through out the day, there is so many different types of colors, don’t stick to color explore… There is a shade of color that will match you for sure, just try them out before you purchase them !!


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