Caribana, Confusion!!? What kind of masquerader are you?

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    If you’re playing mass this year, overwhelmed and feel like there are a million things to get done… Let us tell you that it’s like that for every masquerader.

    Carnival is what Torontonians wait yearlong for and masquerader’s even fly-in to be a part of. It’s a big time for everyone to celebrate their culture and show the rest of the country just who we are through our dance, music and food. But the most important part of the parade is our masqueraders… they are the ones who keep the audience captivated and entertained.

    The first step for anyone playing mass is to purchase their costume. Visit Band Launches, see all the new themes for this year, beautiful designs and get one that matches your personality. There are so many choices but once you’ve found the costume that suits you the best, it’s just the start of creating the perfect overall look.

    Caribana/Carnival/Scotia bank Caribbean Carnival is all about the creative make up and the accessories to go with the costumes. Most costumes come with hand pieces and leg pieces but do you want to be just another cookie cutter design on the road? Everyone always wants to make their costume their own when walking down the road, whether it is by adding different earrings, necklaces or the craze of head pieces!

    So now you have your costume, you’ve finalized your accessories… it’s time to decide how you want your makeup done. Many “Front Liners” are limited to a certain makeup direction given to them by the costume designer but “Back Liners” are open to endless creativity and control on how they want to do their look. So today, we’re going to show you a few different styles of Caribana Masquerader make-up:

    The Sexy Masquerader

    The first one being a very pretty look… if you’re the type of girl to look beautiful no matter where you are or what you are doing then this would be the perfect look for you. To make your beauty fit into the whole theme of Carnival, add some gems around your eyes and even on your lips but keep your eye shadow nicely blended. Don’t forget: Make those lashes huge!

    The Bold Masquerader

    The second look is very dramatic, very much out there and almost fantasy like. This Bold Masquerader style makeup includes a lot of makeup and a lot of attention to detail… making sure your make up stands out as much as your costume! Save yourself the mess and disappointment unless you’re a professional and book yourself an amazing makeup artist. You want to ensure your artist does a lot of dramatic lines yet still have a focal point on your face which will keep your look dramatic but clean at the same time. For lashes, because you are already doing so much in terms of color on your face you can keep you lashes long and dark to keep all the attention on the detail of your make up but still frame your eyes beautifully. Adding gems and other stones to this look can work as well if it’s done right but always keep in mind that you want ONE focal point on your face. Having too much going on with no direction really confuses things and starts to look messy really fast.

    The Tribal Masquerader

    The third most common look for Carnival is the tribal look. This is also very dramatic but it’s very rooted… meaning you have make up that almost creates you into a different being,  like something almost taken from the amazon or a new species yet to be discovered. To achieve a tribal look, you want to keep all the colors on your face as earthy as possible. You still want to keep a certain focal point, such as your eyes or lips, but this look is all about changing and altering your look. Make your eyes bigger, make your lips bigger… making you look like a force that is not to be reckoned with.


    Carnival is YOUR time to dress up, it’s YOUR time to be something or someone you’re not, express your true colors, just have fun and dance down the road. The main thing you want to keep in mind is to LOOK GOOD DOING IT! So many people wear such ugly shoes with their outfits belittling their costumes and taking away from the overall look. SO many people wear shoes for comfort and not for look.

    Recently a company called Carnival kiks noticed this and made a change; they started making shoes designed to match each costume. Carnival kicks have an amazing collection and their shoes not only match the Mass Costumes but they are also very confortable, They have many different styles and colors and they have the costumes looking the way they should, with everything matching. Now your costume can be comfortable and fashionable, For any fashionista,. After carnival is gone and over, all you have left is your photos… you don’t want to look back at them and laugh at them because you decided to wear hideous shoes!! Contact Carnival Kicks today as they stop taking orders for Caribana on July 12th 2013 so make sure you get your orders in ASAP or else you’ll be out of luck.

    So how will you be playing mass this year? How will you determine the look you are going for? Will you do a big fashion faux-pas by wearing un-matched running shoes or flipflops that will leave your toes bleeding  OR will you be contacting Carnival Kicks to get something comfortable and fashionable ?

    Whatever you are doing this year please make sure you stay well hydrated. Drink a lot of water as you hit the road because it’s going to be a hot one and stay safe


    Carnival Kicks for the shoes]

    Model: Leanne Amichand And Neela Persaud
    Costume Designer: Bryant Sinanan
    Photography: Fidelis Lobo

    This article was written by dmgdesignz