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    Bridal Look for Janet

    Some brides are just so sweet to deal with on their wedding day, here is one from a beautiful bride of ours. We believe in creating a memorable moment. Bridal hair and make up is our passion, if you would have told us 10 years ago we would be doing something we dream out we…


    Nilufa Marries Achu

    Living the dream, if someone would have told me 15 years ago that I would be doing what I love; I would have never believed them. I knew since a young age that I loved getting people ready, it was my passion it gave me a purpose in life. Lately I have been dealing with…


    Changing your look in 2 minutes… Lip Edition

    Changing your look in 2 minutes... Lip Edition

    Are you the girl who is always busy, or on the run but you would love to change your look but think you don’t have enough time? Well I got the solution for you!! What if I told you that there is something you can do in 2 minutes that will have you looking different…


    Toronto Dance Team – Ram Dance Troupe

    Toronto Dance Team - Ram Dance Troupe

    DMG Designz is a company that got recognized for our charity work and this is something that will never change, it makes us who we are. Over the years we have done all sorts of charity events, but the Ram Dancetroup has been the first dance team that we have gotten ready. The Ram Dance troupe…